Thursday, 9 August 2012


i had a fight with my best friend...shit..i dont even know how to treat feels like i want to kick her..sakit hati biler kiter dah cakap tp die cm xpaham,2..then die kate cakap straight to the point??!! what the f***!!!!!!!!! i cant stand a girl with this annoying attitude ok...bullshit....
aku mang seorang yang panas baran...aku akan jadi bertambah panas kalo ade orang yang x paham bahase..but everybody knows,my temper was not long...i am a patient person too..n iknow how to give forgiveness to others..others doesn't mean means those who ask for my forgiveness only..

hey..just say sorry and apology accepted la!! is it so hard to say sorry ?????

ok..i think i dont need to say anything... hope u know what is the real problem is..

annoying.. =.=

that's all for tonight's updates..bye all :(